The Missing Pt. 1

To begin, I discovered this show while browsing through my STARZ application on my Apple TV. I had never heard of this show, but once I did my research I learned that it was nominated for several Golden Globes in 2014. This show is extremely well written and is slow paced, which leaves me multitasking between my phone and watching the show. However, I have just hit the end of episode 3 and now I am finally intrigued. This show is set in France and there is quite a bit of French spoken, which is something I am not fond of. Also the plot of the show is surprise a boy has gotten kidnapped and his parents are still looking for him 8 years later. There are many flashbacks which are hard for me to follow~~ but then again I am doing other things while watching the show. I can tell the show is leading somewhere, the plot is very thick and many details are discussed which can be boring at times. I plan to finish the series because I OF COURSE want to know A. if the boy is still alive and B. who kidnapped him. More to come…



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