The Missing Pt. 2

Good evening!

Today I pushed through the rest of The Missing. I will say, after following the entire mystery of The Missing, I was not able to guess how the boy disappeared. So that aspect of the show was great. However, the remainder of the show was slow with only moments of intense story line. When those moments did occur, the writing stood out to me and the actors nailed their performances. But for the other parts of the show, I was not glued to the screen.I will say that even at the very end of the show, it left me wanting more answers. The final episode ended with missing pieces as to how Oliver (the missing boy) ended up where he did. There is a season 2 premiering this Sunday with from what I understand, is a different story line, but the main detective Julian is involved in the case. I will be watching season 2 but I am going to hold off until all episodes are available to watch back to back. For those interested, there were eight 60 minute episodes. So if you are in the mood for a mystery to keep you on your toes, definitely watch this program! But it is not suspenseful 90% of the time.

My rating: 3/5  


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