Santa Clarita Diet

I decided to change gears a little bit and choose a comedy show to watch and Santa Clarita Diet was the right choice. This show, is of course a bit gory but is also witty and upbeat. If you enjoyed the show Weeds, this is definitely the show for you. Although beware, if you get a bit queezy from blood & vomit, there is a good amount of that in this show. Drew Barrymore plays a carefree “person” who has little control of her ID (psychology term) which is seemingly difficult on her family. Her husband, Timothy Olyphant, is cautious and nervous about his wife’s new condition, but is supportive and on her side with her new appetite. Honestly, I laugh at least once every episode and I will definitely watch the second season if the rest of episodes one stays on track. Right now, I am on episode 6.

My rating: 3.5/5


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