Big Little Lies

To begin….

Ahh, this series is really well done. It is a bit slow, for those who like fast-paced drama. But if you enjoy a well written series, this one is for you. I finished Big Little Lies awhile ago, and I enjoyed each of the 8 episodes. This HBO series is about an all-star group (Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Laura Dern, and Shailene Woodley) of moms who band together in a small town. There is a mystery surrounding Shailene Woodley’s character and in the midst there is spousal abuse, affairs, an issue that takes place at their children’s school, and to top it off…a murder that takes place. All of the characters are well represented, and the director made sure to show each character’s side of the story. I will warn those who are squirmish to viewing abuse or rape, beware because this show displays those things. Apparently there will be a second season of this show, and I will definitely be watching.

My rating: 3.8/5


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